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The Berry Belcher Award

The Berry-Belcher Lifesaving award is an award that is given each year to a deserving individual or individuals that participate in a life-saving act.  The award is named after MCR Charter members Charles Berry and Bill Belcher.  The award, started in 1972, has been given 32 times in the 34 years it has been in existence.

The 2006 Berry Belcher Award Winner

On May 30, 2006, a 45 year old male returned home after a day at work and collapsed on the floor of his residence.  The man had been having chest discomfort for several days, but discarded it as reflux or indigestion.  Upon his collapse and subsequent unconsciousness, his wife ran next door to get help.  Help came in the form of Donald Foreman, his daughter Jenny, and Kyle Thomas.  Luckily for the victim, Donald was an ex-Paramedic and the others had recently completed a CPR class.  When the would-be rescuers arrived at the victim, the patient was in full cardiac arrest.

911 was called as Donald, Kyle, and Jenny began CPR on the patient.  Arriving 7 minutes later, Paramedics from MCR's Medic 3 found perfect CPR being performed.  They immediately attached a cardiac monitor to the patient, and found him to be in V-fib (an uncoordinated quivering of the heart).  One shock (or defibrillation) was all that was needed to restore a heartbeat on the patient.  IVs were established and the patient began regaining consciousness before he could be intubated by Medics.  Medic 3 stabilized the patient and transported him to Chesterfield General Hospital where he was later transferred to Mcleod Regional Medical Center in Florence.  The patient underwent a heart catherization, was released from the hospital and is doing great.

In the American Heart Association's "Chain of Survival", 911 activation, early CPR, Early Defibrillation, and Advanced Life Support are the links in the chain.  All of these have to be present for the patient to survive, and this night they were.  Had it not been for the actions of these individuals, this victim would not have survived.

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