This page features photos taken on calls with MCR in 2004.  We rarely have personnel available to take pictures on calls, which is why there is such a small collection here.  Pictures are provided for educational purposes only.  Although there were injuries and deaths associated with some of the incidents depicted here, extreme discretion is used in deciding which photos to place on this site.  These pictures are only a small example of the severity and number of calls that MCR responds to on a daily basis.



December 2004.  Photos show a night landing of Palmetto Richland's Care Force Helicopter in a bean field south of Blenheim after a farm worker had his left hand amputated in a machinery accident.  Care Force was called to transport the patient directly to Palmetto Richland Hospital for treatment by their hand specialists.



November 2004.  An auto accident on Hwy. 38 South of Bennettsville.  The camper and SUV overturned against a light pole.  Extrication took nearly 45 minutes, and the patient was air-lifted from the scene to Palmetto Richland Hospital in Columbia.



November 2004.  Auto accident involving an overturned vehicle on Hwy 381 between McColl and Clio.  One person died on the scene while another critically injured female was transported by Medic 2 to Scotland Hospital in Laurinburg, N.C.  That patient was then transferred to the Medical University of North Carolina.  Her condition at this time is not known. 



November 2004.  Auto accident on Hwy 38 South of Bennettsville.  A Neon automobile collided with a tractor-trailer.  Extrication was performed by MCR and Blenheim FD personnel.  Two patients were transported directly from the scene to McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence.



AUGUST 2004.  A "T-Bone" MVA on 15-401 By-Pass in Bennettsville.  Medic 1, Medic 3, and Basic 1 on the scene transported 4 patients to Marlboro Park Hospital.



JUNE 2004.  A new car test drive that turned bad.  Below are pictures of an Acura automobile that was struck from the rear by another car.  The driver suffered relatively minor injuries.




APRIL  2004.  Pictures of an overturned tractor-trailer on 15-401 By-pass in Bennettsville.  The driver was not injured.



APRIL 2004.  Pictures of an MVA at the intersection of 15-401 and Main Street in Bennettsville that required the driver of the vehicle be extricated.  In the pictures, Marlboro Rescue personnel use the Hurst Jaws of Life to facilitate access to the patient.



FEBRUARY 2004.  Miscellaneous pictures of MCRS crews braving the elements to answer the calls for help.  Pictures were shot randomly on February 25, 2004, during the snowstorm that left about 4-5" of snow and sleet on the ground.



FEBRUARY 2004.  To say this was a close call would be an understatement.  Medic 1 and Medic 3 respond to a small pickup truck that pulled into the path of an 18-wheel log truck at the intersection of Hwy 38 and Hwy 79.  The log truck basically ran over the bed of the pickup.  Notice in the pictures of the 18-wheeler, the entire bed of the pickup is still stuck under the tractor.  Both occupants of the pick-up truck escaped serious injury.  Also, in the second picture from the left, bottom row, a book bag hangs from the bumper of the 18-wheeler.



FEBRUARY 2004.  Medic 1, 2 and 3, along with Wallace Rescue respond to an MVA Head-On involving two vehicles.  There were a total of six patients, including one DOA in one vehicle and two patients that ended up being transported to Mcleod Regional Medical Center in Florence.  The DOA was in the Passport that was upside down in the ditch.  Two  victims had to be extricated by MCRS and Brightsville Fire personnel.



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