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Marlboro County Rescue (MCR) is the primary provider for Emergency Medical Services in Marlboro County, South Carolina.  MCR Paramedic units are dispatched to every 911 call received through the county's E911 system.  When calls are received for the Clio and Wallace areas, their local volunteer Rescue Squads are dispatched also.  Over the past five years our average response time has been 5.75 minutes from the time the call was received (not dispatched) until the time our ALS ambulance was on the scene.

MCR has four ALS crews and two BLS crews on duty each day. 

Medic 1 operates out of the MCR base station in downtown Bennettsville.  The crew is on duty 24 hours per day.

Medic 2 operates out of McColl Rescue's base station on Railroad Avenue in McColl.  The crew is on duty 24 hours per day.

Medic 3's Station is at 2750 Highway 9 West in Wallace.  The crew is on duty 24 hours per day.

Medic 4 works out of the Blenheim Fire Department's Main Station in Blenheim.  The crew is on duty for 12 hours per day, and is also used as a Transfer unit for patient transfers out of Marlboro Park Hospital.

Basic 1 works out of the MCR Base Station in Bennettsville.  It is the primary BLS transport unit.

In addition to providing Emergency Medical Services, MCR is also the provider of transfer services for Marlboro Park Hospital in Bennettsville.  Marlboro Park Hospital is a 100 bed acute care facility that is part of Community Health Systems.  Click HERE to visit Marlboro Park Hospital's web site.  MCR also provides non-emergency transportation to and from doctor's offices and other nursing homes.  At no time does our transfer business interfere with our ability to provide emergency services.

Marlboro County Rescue is also home to Marlboro County Special Operations' Team Hazardous Materials trailer.  MCR has 33 people certified to at least the Haz Mat Ops level, with 15 of those being Hazardous Materials Technicians.

This is the patch of MCR.  It was designed in 2001, and incorporates some of the colors associated with MCR and EMS.  The green and yellow are the traditional colors of the squad, while the orange is taken from the S.C. EMT patch, and the red is from the S.C. Paramedic patch.  The shape of Marlboro County with the "Star of Life" is seen in the middle, while the Palmetto Tree and "S.C." were placed at the bottom as seen on the S.C. Paramedic patch.



MCR is a non-profit organization granted tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service under Code Section 501 (C) (3).  The IRS granted tax-exempt status to MCR in June of 1979.  MCR was chartered and recognized as a provider of Emergency Medical Services to Marlboro County, and is also recognized by the State of South Carolina as a tax-exempt organization.


MCR charges a "user fee" for all persons transported in one of our ambulances.  MCR will bill Medicare, Medicaid, and all other third-party insurance companies on the patient's behalf.  MCR does not bill for any treatment rendered if the patient is not transported.

MCR uses HGS Services in Anderson, South Carolina, as our billing agent.  Questions regarding billing can be directed to Mac Heaton at


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